Our Story

Bringing brands and consumers together, reshaping retail.

For over a decade we've been building a community of the nation's leading brands, inspiring spaces, and consumers who support them. Through our 75+ weekend marketplaces, 10+ multi-brand stores, and online storefront marketplace we enable brands to grow more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

First, we were brand builders.

Before American Field our founders built award-winning retail brands from the ground up. We know what it's like to be in a brand's shoes, because we've lived it ourselves.

Then we were store operators

We've built and operated 15+ award-winning brick+mortar stores in Atlanta, Boston, Brooklyn, Denver, Minneapolis & NYC

Then we built the world's leading consumer discovery marketplaces

We've partnered with leading developers to operate over 75 weekend marketplace events, each bringing together 80+ brands and 5000 targeted consumers. Cities include: Asbury Park, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Hudson Valley, Los Angeles, Loretto, Minneapolis, Montauk, Moscow, Nashville, Richmond, San Francisco, & Washington, DC.

All the while creating a robust community and ecosystem

2500+ Brands - 75,000+ Consumers - 100+ Storefronts

Same ingredients, different recipes.

As consumer preferences and the retail landscape evolve we are able to adapt our offerings to maximize value to our ecosystem.

Our Team

Mark Bollman
  • 12 Years retail industry experience
  • 8 Years short-term retail leasing experience
  • Built and operated 34 short-term retail marketplaces around the nation
  • Founded Ball and Buck, a nationally acclaimed retail brand and brick and mortar store awarded best menswear store in USA
  • Built and operated 4 additional multi-brand brick and mortar stores in Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Denver
  • B.S. in Entrepreneurship from Babson College
Mark McMillan
  • 12 Years real estate development experience
  • 10 Years short-term leasing experience
  • Built and operated 43 short-term retail marketplaces around the world
  • Built and operated 8 multi-brand brick and mortar stores in New York City
  • Founded Northern Grade, nationally recognized retail platform with 1000+ customers
  • B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona and an M.S. in Real Estate Development from NYU
Anselm Fusco
  • 25 years of real estate experience in management, development, and private equity investment.
  • Deep, varied experience as a landlord, including conceiving, opening, and operating retail, F&B, and live-music venues.
  • As Sr. VP for Madison Marquette, notable projects included Asbury Park Boardwalk (Asbury Park, NJ), Empire Outlets (Staten Island, NY), and The Wharf (Washington, DC)
  • B.A. and M.Arch. in Architecture from Columbia University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.




"We have operated numerous stores throughout our 100+ year history as a brand. When we learned about the amazing platform offered by AF SPACES we jumped at the opportunity to open a new store in Brooklyn, a store that under the traditional drawn out negotiation process, would simply not have been possible. I can say that AF has reignited our interest in expanding our Brick and Mortar footprint and has enabled the most streamlined store opening process we’ve ever had."

Jason Schott, President Schott NYC

"Across our entire portfolio, we’ve always focused on delivering curated and high-quality experiences. Therefore we were excited to partner with AF SPACES because of their alignment with our values and reputation for stellar execution. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with American Field both with their multi-brand pop up and their ability to leverage their extensive network of high-quality brands to deliver the iconic Schott NYC into one of our available spaces here at Empires Stores”

Mehul Patel, COO Midtown Equities

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