For Landlords

Activate Space. Incubate Tenants. Generate Revenue.

AF partners with landlords to maximize asset utilization by generating revenue and activating spaces during short-term periods of vacancy between long-term leases.

Incubate Tenants

Stay current and relevant in the evolving and volatile world of retail tenancy

Increase Asset Value

Maximizing asset value by generating revenue, activation, merchandising excellence, and high-quality foot traffic during vacancy between long-term leases

Eliminate Broker Distraction

AF works with landlords by supporting existing internal leasing teams, allowing brokers to focus on long-term leasing assignments

Activate Spaces

Supplementing internal activation efforts, bringing greater attention to premier assets

Partnering with AF

AF is focused on creating short-term tenancies in Landlord vacancies. We also strategically undertake the curation of Multi-Brand Marketplaces in higher-profile vacancies, as part of the launch of new storefronts on the AF SPACES platform or as a service to landlord objectives.






"We have operated numerous stores throughout our 100+ year history as a brand. When we learned about the amazing platform offered by AF SPACES we jumped at the opportunity to open a new store in Brooklyn, a store that under the traditional drawn out negotiation process, would simply not have been possible. I can say that AF has reignited our interest in expanding our Brick and Mortar footprint and has enabled the most streamlined store opening process we’ve ever had."

Jason Schott, President Schott NYC

As a proud member of the AF brand network, we have been fortunate to have been participating in various events and pop up stores with them since 2019. Our brand is focused on delivering high-quality premium products and we were thrilled to learn that AF was aligned in our vision and had the same priorities. The majority of our markets and sales events were cancelled due to COVID-19 this year and we were excited to learn that AF would be hosting the Aprés Holiday Market in a safe, responsible environment. We came into the Aprés Holiday Market not knowing how sales would be affected by the pandemic, but were blown away by response, public support and revenue we were able to generate at this event.”

Justin Fernandes, CEO Common Ground CBD


Marketing Agreement Signed
  • No upfront fee marketing agreement signed
  • Authorizes AF to market vacancies to our brand network
  • Provides basic protections for landlord and AF
  • Outlines performance based compensation structure
Space Onboarding and Promotion
  • AF processes LL provided license agreement
  • AF collects LL data & requirements (rent, term, other objectives)
  • AF markets space to our brand network
Landlord approves brand and terms
  • Landlord approves brand, rent, term length, and other conditions.
Short-Term Deal Signed
  • Brands execute license agreements with no/minimal landlord negotiation
  • AF coordinates brand move in (key info, COI, etc)
  • AF collects sales data, LL collects rent


"As a premier downtown Denver destination focused on lifestyle & placemaking, Dairy Block has a reputation for delivering top-notch retail and entertainment experiences. We partnered with American Field (AF) in ‘20 to launch Dairy Block’s first Aprés Holiday Market. With AF’s extensive network of top-quality brands, they secured a unique and compelling vendor line-up for our local community to enjoy over multiple weekends. The Market surpassed our expectations, drawing shopper traffic to Dairy Block, which also benefited and exposed our onsite tenants, offering attendees a unique and fulfilling holiday outdoor shopping experience. We are looking forward to expanding our partnership with AF in the coming year to continue enhancing our community user experience."

Maggie Pryde, Marketing
Dairy Block Denver

"Across our entire portfolio, we’ve always focused on delivering curated and high-quality experiences. Therefore we were excited to partner with AF SPACES because of their alignment with our values and reputation for stellar execution. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with American Field both with their multi-brand pop up and their ability to leverage their extensive network of high-quality brands to deliver the iconic Schott NYC into one of our available spaces here at Empires Stores”

Mehul Patel, COO Midtown Equities

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